Environmental Policy

Ege Fren superior management, in scope of Environment Management System, undertakes;
• Assessing the effects of all environmental dimensions resulting from our activities to reduce the impacts of climate change, preserve biodiversity, ensure animal rights, and prevent pollution by evaluating effective solutions based on the best technologies. This involves the efficient use of natural resources such as water, energy, and raw materials under ecological balance, consequently reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other air emissions, as well as minimizing air, water and soil pollution, and noise,
• Implementing activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions arising from all our activities and products, evaluating the use of renewable energy,
• Minimizing waste at the source and ensuring the reuse and recycling of generated waste, while reducing environmental impacts during disposal.
• To comply with national and international legal regulations concerning environment, other conditions and the conditions of parties we defined in context of our enterprise in all activities of us,
• To continuously improve our working environment and system by means of monitoring the same, setting measurable targets, reviewing with regular intervals and reporting results thereof upon taking best practices in environment management as basis,
• To raise environmental awareness and to regularly inform about our performance upon training all employees and suppliers of us,
• To make production as to give minimum harm to environment at the stages of selection, usage of chemicals and after having become waste, in frame of chemcial management responsibility.

Revision Date:01/01/2024